We are a great team!

Kari Osterhaus

Kari loves taking on challenges and working with people.  With her diverse experience in healthcare, manufacturing, ISO standards, and non-profit, Kari helps deliver innovative customer solutions.

Paul Osterhaus

Paul's business, IT, and consulting experience along with his innovative mindset, makes him the driving force for delivering results.  He loves keeping his hands full participating in the development of new solutions, customer strategies, and delivering results. 

Travis DeBussey

With his manufacturing acumen and data know how, Travis is always ready to go.  He is determined to drive success and help customers easily understand the numbers as he leads them to the next level. 

Tristan Fullmer

Did you say "Technology?"  Tristan loves technology and watch what he does with it.  His focus is solving technical challenges and delivering outstanding solutions.

Mike O'Neill

Mike has over 25 years of retail and manufacturing experience.  Don't tell Mike, but he loves IOT and delivering the most difficult technology challenges.   Mike does an amazing job!

Jacob Couch

Jacob is thinker and is always finding new opportunities to leverage the Odoo framework.  Nothing gets by Jacob without testing.  He is valuable member of the QOC team.

Charlie Schilling

Did you say "Passion?"  Charlie is passionate about manufacturing and how MRP, BOM's, Routes, and how Odoo can change your operation.  Charlie brings many years of manufacturing experience to the team.

QOC Innovations is always looking to add to our great team!

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